How to get Good at Candy Crush

candy crush sagaKing digital company made a game that stole the attention of people and created a huge fanbase of players, simply because they can’t stop playing. Candy crush has a simple rule: As per the objectives given in regards to the level you are in, you are supposed to complete it within the stipulated number of moves. Sounds simple but it really isn’t your normal walk in the park because the specific colors and shapes won’t come your way as you may think. A candy crush beginner may end up frustrated where by he/she may be remaining with one move whereas he/she is sure that even though there is one move remaining, it won’t complete the level.

So how to get good at candy crush?

Simple. Here are some of the steps from that I would recommend anyone to use in order to be a veteran in the game:

a) Avoid using the gold you have- It may seem like a lame step but trust me it does work. Spare the gold to an actual time where you will really need it. At some point of the game it may come up to a situation where by you really need to have gold bars in order to purchase special moves to aid in completing the level.

b) Create a candy crush fan club- This is another thing that may be crucial to your success in candy crush. A fan club is to basically help each other when someone is out of moves or lives by sharing. It may also come in handy when you have completed and episode of the game and need tickets to move to the next one. It may become annoying when you have completed an episode and have to wait over three days just to have the chance to move on (from my Facebook candy crush experience).

Yoga Ball Chairs: Finally an answer for the cubicle blues

girl sat in her officeThe yoga ball chair or simply exercise ball chair has become very popular nowadays due to its purported benefits over the normal or office chair. It is an undeniable fact that majority of people spend their lives sitting which make chair a very important piece of furniture be it in the office or at home. Besides having health benefits ( the exercise ball chairs come at a much cheaper price and allows people especially those on offices to work in some abdominal exercise all day long and probably improve their years of work.

According to one of the makers of these chair types by the name isokinetiscs, one’s body is constantly adjusting itself when you are on top of the ball. These adjustments however small and imperceptible, they help to exercise a large group of muscles in the process of balancing the body. By one strengthening their back and core muscles you are intern helping to improve your own posture, balance and preventing back injuries or pain.

The process of sitting on office chairs for prolonged time periods can lead to lower back pain or just worsen an existing problem. While the traditional office chair is designed to provide complete support, yoga ball chairs help to promote a good posture with or without a back on it. In setting different from the office one, the exercise balls or ball chairs have numerous advantages for a person experiencing lower back pain.

The ball simply enables the person to find the natural position of the spine, learn proper posture and increase lower back mobility, increase stability and balance and even develop control and strength of the body’s core muscles. The ball chairs are simple to use and need no special training as one is just told to sit on top of the ball regularly for thirty minutes daily. One can also bounce lightly and continually enabling them find and maintain balance of the ball. The yoga ball chairs simply offer the best alternative to normal chairs and also help tremendously in alleviating back pain.