The Secret to Making Engaging Videos

drawing on a whiteboardIt goes without saying that videos are at the moment the most effective tools for passing messages online. Text is just not working and hence the need to create something that will cater for the ever diminishing attention span of viewers. However, having a video is not enough guarantee of success in passing the message. There is a need to make sure that the video is engaging. Let’s take a look at the secret to making your video an engaging video.

Don’t be Predictable

This is usually a bid problem for marketers trying to sell. They tend to concentrate more on explicitly telling the benefits of the given product. I hate to be the one breaking this to you, but nobody wants to watch that. Viewers will move on to the next video the moment they detect something that sounds like a sales message. Try telling a story that shows the benefits of the product. People like to make purchase decisions based on a friend’s recommendation. Rarely because they have been presented with a list of benefits of the product. Don’t make a silly whiteboard animation.

Be Clear and Concise

A quick look at the most popular videos on any video sharing platform will show how important time is. With about 100 hours of videos being uploaded every minute on YouTube alone, you can be sure that there are lots of other videos competing for attention from your targeted viewers. If you want to succeed then you better get to the point.

Make Smartphone-Friendly Videos

A big fraction of your viewers will be from mobile devices. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your videos can be viewed comfortably from these devices.

Web Hosting: Hostgator vs Bluehost

which is better

In your quest to find a reliable web hosting provider you will undoubtedly come across two major players in the web hosting industry, namely, Hostgator and Bluehost. These hosting companies have been servicing millions of clients for well over a decade and during that time they have established two powerful brands. The brand power of these hosts have ensured they continue to grow from strength to strength.

If you are undecided about which host to go for from these two powerhouses then you are not alone as many people are searching for the keyword “Hostgator vs Bluehost”, which speaks of the conundrum that many are in. If you look at the offering of both these hosts you will find that they are almost identical which is the norm especially in the shared hosting category. There aren’t many differences in what you will receive from web hosts offering shared hosting plans.

However, there are 3 distinct differences between these hosts. Firstly, Hostgator offers a hostgator coupon code which allows you to reduce your overall hosting costs but BlueHost do not offer any coupons but you will find a special discount page on their website that does not require any sort of coupon.

Secondly, Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee while Bluehost offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Does the extra 15 days make difference? Not really, you will only need a month with a web host to realize whether or not they are a good fit for your website.

Thirdly, with Bluehost you cannot pay month-to-month but with Hostgator you can. This is probaly the major difference as not everyone can afford to pay for an entire year up-front. Your own budget will determine who you choose based on this distinction.

These 3 differences are the most recognizable differences but there is something that you may be alarmed to learn that will make you ponder and scratch your head. Both Hostgator and Bluehost are owned by the same company! Yes, that is right, a company called Endurance International Group (EIG) acquired both these companies arnd various others. Both Hostgator and Bluehost use the same servers so regardless of which host you choose your website will be on the same server which means that in terms of servers stability and performance you are going to get the exact same levels.

It may be a surprise to you that these two hosts are owned by the same company as it is to many. This wasn’t always the case though, both these companies were once independent of each other and they were actually fierce competitors but after the buy-out they are now a part of the EIG brand. They are still manged independently which is why so many believe they are separate companies.

EIG have purchased many web hosting companies over the years and they continue this strategy to grow their footprint in the industry. It has clearly worked for them as they recently partnered with Google to offer small businesses the opportunity to start a website for free and EIG is also looking to become a listed company in the near future.

In conclusion: regardless which host you choose you going to be dealing with the same company. It may be better for you to research EIG to see whether they are the type of company you want hosting your website.

What are Thermodynamic Panels?

thermopanelingMeet the most cutting edge source in hot water technology that will also cut your monthly bill in half. Based on the concept formulated in 1840 by the physicist known as Nicholas Cardot, thermodynamic panels recirculate the energy from renewable sources such as the wind. Various providers now offer hot water 24/7 whatever the weather. Any related costs will be gladly met.  Designed as an outdoor device, the panels transfer heat on to a refrigerant gas after having soaked up energy daily from the atmosphere. The refrigerant gas is later extracted and converted in a water tank via a special compressor unit.

The benefits to using thermodynamic panels versus solar panels are in the usage of its sources. Solar panels simply thrive on heat supplied by the sun and a Glycol solution while thermodynamic panels are based on a refrigerant and recycle heat from the entire atmosphere, rain or shine. The endurance of thermodynamic technology allows for much colder conditions as the refrigerant has a tolerance of negative twenty-two degrees Celsius, not to mention harsh boiling temperatures of up to twenty-five degrees Celsius, therefore providing heat in brutal winter temperatures with longevity. The versatility of these panels also allows for random placement, making them much easier to install, as opposed to the required south, south east or south west designation of regular solar panels. This offers a large perk to residents of apartment complexes, town homes, or other small communities with limited space who might be in search of alternative energy.

In preparation of up-and-coming renewable source trends, the thermodynamic heating system is an extremely cost-effective investment with long-term reliability. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the progressive trends of green and clean energy, you too can secure the comfort in your home or business with this eco-friendly breakthrough that has been tested and highly praised by the Institute for Sustainable Energy in Marsaxlokk.

How to get Good at Candy Crush

candy crush sagaKing digital company made a game that stole the attention of people and created a huge fanbase of players, simply because they can’t stop playing. Candy crush has a simple rule: As per the objectives given in regards to the level you are in, you are supposed to complete it within the stipulated number of moves. Sounds simple but it really isn’t your normal walk in the park because the specific colors and shapes won’t come your way as you may think. A candy crush beginner may end up frustrated where by he/she may be remaining with one move whereas he/she is sure that even though there is one move remaining, it won’t complete the level.

So how to get good at candy crush?

a) Avoid using the gold you have- It may seem like a lame step but trust me it does work. Spare the gold to an actual time where you will really need it. At some point of the game it may come up to a situation where by you really need to have gold bars in order to purchase special moves to aid in completing the level.

b) Create a candy crush fan club- This is another thing that may be crucial to your success in candy crush. A fan club is to basically help each other when someone is out of moves or lives by sharing. It may also come in handy when you have completed and episode of the game and need tickets to move to the next one. It may become annoying when you have completed an episode and have to wait over three days just to have the chance to move on (from my Facebook candy crush experience).

Yoga Ball Chairs: Finally an answer for the cubicle blues

girl sat in her officeThe yoga ball chair or simply exercise ball chair has become very popular nowadays due to its purported benefits over the normal or office chair. It is an undeniable fact that majority of people spend their lives sitting which make chair a very important piece of furniture be it in the office or at home. Besides having health benefits ( the exercise ball chairs come at a much cheaper price and allows people especially those on offices to work in some abdominal exercise all day long and probably improve their years of work.

According to one of the makers of these chair types by the name isokinetiscs, one’s body is constantly adjusting itself when you are on top of the ball. These adjustments however small and imperceptible, they help to exercise a large group of muscles in the process of balancing the body. By one strengthening their back and core muscles you are intern helping to improve your own posture, balance and preventing back injuries or pain.

The process of sitting on office chairs for prolonged time periods can lead to lower back pain or just worsen an existing problem. While the traditional office chair is designed to provide complete support, yoga ball chairs help to promote a good posture with or without a back on it. In setting different from the office one, the exercise balls or ball chairs have numerous advantages for a person experiencing lower back pain.

The ball simply enables the person to find the natural position of the spine, learn proper posture and increase lower back mobility, increase stability and balance and even develop control and strength of the body’s core muscles. The ball chairs are simple to use and need no special training as one is just told to sit on top of the ball regularly for thirty minutes daily. One can also bounce lightly and continually enabling them find and maintain balance of the ball. The yoga ball chairs simply offer the best alternative to normal chairs and also help tremendously in alleviating back pain.