Top 5 Best Beaches In Europe For Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the most important vacation for every couple. It is the first time after marriage that they plan to spend a vacation together. And if the vacation is spent on the beautiful coastline, overlooking the crystal clear waters and lying on the sandy beaches under the bright sun, then there is nothing like that. However, for that, you must choose the best honeymoon beaches to travel to. When it is the honeymoon beach that you are looking for, the name that would offer a number of options is Europe.

Here Is The List Of The Top 5 Best Beaches In Europe For A Honeymoon.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Whitewashed buildings on the coast of the sea and the blue domes complementing the crystal blue water of the sea create a perfect honeymoon setting for the newlywed couples. What adds to the enjoyment is the amazing food that you will find here. Couples love swimming in the Aegean Sea and to climb on the craggy cliffs. If you are in the mood to make your honeymoon a memorable one, Santorini in Greece is the place that you must visit.

  1. Sicily, Italy:

When the most romantic destinations in the world are being talked about, Italy is the country that needs special and separate mention. However, though most of the attention is grabbed by Venice, there is yet another place that will make your honeymoon extremely special and that is Sicily. This small Italian island offers a number of beaches that you can choose from. Go for snorkelling with your loved one and spend time together on the soft sand, under the sun loungers and umbrellas, or just go for a ride on the boats.

  1. Saint Topez, France:

The French Riviera has always been a preferred honeymoon destination for many. If you want a relaxing honeymoon period with an enjoyable and jovial nightlife, then Saint Topez in France is the beach that you must visit. With many sightseeing options and an array of Mediterranean food delicacies, this place offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

  1. Canary Islands, Spain:

The Canary Islands in Spain have some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Those honeymooners, who are planning for an eventful, enjoyable and happening honeymoon period on the beaches, must choose this place. There is ample scope for windsurfing, horseback riding, and sailing in the beautiful beach resorts that are located here.

  1. Lagos, Portugal:

Pristine beaches, stunning cliffs, cobbled stones on the town streets and the clear sky with a bright sun – Lagos in Portugal is a beautiful beach to spend your honeymoon at. Boating, snorkelling or simply swimming in the sea, you will enjoy your vacation with your spouse like a dream come true.

Though these are some of the most stunning beaches in Europe for a honeymoon, there are many other beaches as well. You need to decide, whether you want to travel to the popular ones or choose an offbeat beach. Make sure that communication is good and pre-book your flight tickets and hotels for the peace of mind.

Explore The Beautiful Beaches Of Europe

Many of the countries in Europe, has some of the most stunning coastline and beaches in the world. The range of oceanfront options and seaside towns on the coast of South Pacific and the Caribbean offer some of the finest beaches on the planet. Along with beautiful ocean views and stunning scenery, these beaches are a perfect destination for family-friendly activities, sea sports, and beach party or even for private lounging.

Find The Best Beaches:

Since the options are too many, you need to shortlist a few of the beaches, so that you can visit them during your vacation. Europe demands you to come back again and again if you want to visit all the beautiful beaches there. But, as for the first visit, the most important and most beautiful beaches include –

  • Armaçao de Pera Beach:

This beautiful beach in the Algarve region of Portugal, not only offers golden cliffs and sandy stretches but also offers the best climate you will ever have. Water sports and simple calm and warm swimming sessions, this beach, is the best place to spend time with your family or your loved one.

  • Apela Beach:

This beach of the Karpathos Island in Greece, along with the sandy stretches and the crystal clear water, is home to some of the most beautiful water springs. Vineyards, pine trees and olive trees ensure a soothing green view as a backdrop of the beach.

  • Santa Maria Dell’ Isola:

If you are looking for a happening beach with people enjoying, indulging in water sports and chilling out in the summer sun, then this Italian beach is the place for you. The city wall serving as a backdrop of the beach is a perfect contrast of nature and civilization.

Plan Your Trip:

As you have known about some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, you must have understood that the beaches are many, and they are also scattered from one country to the other. If you want to make sure that you do not miss out any of the beaches that you want to visit during your vacation, planning is a must.

You need a route map, to check out the places and the countries that the beaches belong to. Once you have done so, you need to book your flight. Since Europe is a vast continent with too many countries within, you need to book your flights carefully, so that you reach the nearest destination of the beach that you want to visit. While booking the tickets, you must check out the prices, and if you can find a low price, you must purchase the round trip tickets.

Make A Comfortable Trip:

For a comfortable trip, purchasing the tickets is not enough. Ensure airport transfers, hotel bookings and local car hire and all other factors are done beforehand. This will offer you the peace of mind that your friends and family will not have to worry about anything. A trip is memorable only if it is smooth and comfortable. So, keep these factors in mind.

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